Past Exhibits: Minnie Evans

January 29 - March 28, 2004

Minnie Evans (1892-1987), a noted "self-taught" artist, was nearly 50 years old when she began to draw in earnest, inspired by visions from God and using materials at hand. Her often symmetric compositions were sometimes drawn using colored pencils on notebook paper, and included motifs of flowers, birds, butterflies, winged animals, cornucopias, rainbows, royalty, stars, and angels.

Ms. Evans was born in Long Creek, North Carolina on December 1, 1892, and worked as a gatekeeper at Airlie Gardens near Wilmington, NC.

What is "self-taught"Art?

Much of Minnie Evans' art falls under the heading of visionary art. Here's an introduction on site (

A definition of Visionary Art by the American Visionary Art Museum (

More about Minnie Evans

There's an interesting bio of Ms. Evans, including an image of one of her works, on the outsider art web site (

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Artist: Minnie Evans crayon on paper
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