Past Events: Art from the Heart 2009-2010

through February 4, 2010

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Art from the Heart is an auction fund-raiser in which anyone can bid on art by well-known community members. If you see a piece you like, please bid on it before February 4!

We have over 110 art works not only from local artists, but also from triangle chefs, town officials, musicians, artists, authors, UNC coaches, and other well-known community members.

This year you can also bid on several excellent caricatures of local sports coaches by Atlanta artist Dave Washburn, each signed by the person drawn.

Proceeds benefit the educational programs of the Chapel Hill Museum and Kidzu Children's Museum.   More about Art from the Heart

  • Our gala final auction is Thursday, February 4, 2010, 6:30-8:30 PM at the Chapel Hill Museum. This is the night when people actually get to take the art home!

Participating Artists:

Megan Aiken
Lynda Baddour
Roger Blanchard
Chris Bradley
Lisa Brown
Michael Brown
Christen Campbell
Catharine Carter
Rachael Childres
Betty and Giles Cloutier
Jordan Cohen
Julie Cohen
Quinn Cohen
Brian Curran
Carolyn Davenport
Dr. Bill Davis
Kathryn De Marco
Artie Dixon
Ernest Dollar
Beverly Dyer
Ida Friday
William Friday
David Godschalk
Susan Green
Dabney Grinnan
Lindwood Hart
Al Hartman
Pam and Jim Heavner
Susanna Hester
Cam Hill
Tama Hochbaum
Penn Holderness
Bitty Holton
Paul Hrusovsky

Anne Wood Humphries
Josie Humphries
Kara Ikenberry
Katie Irvin
Sara Irvin
Bret Jennings
Anne Johnson
Dan Jones
Alexander Julian
Faye Kalman
Haig Khachatoorian
Susan Klapper
Marcy Lansman
Matt Lawrence
Jean LeCluyse
Barry and Josh Leffler
Nerys Levy
Jim Lux
Ruth MacDonald
Daisy Maness
Steven Miller
Mike Mills
Eric Montross
Dale Morgan
Margaret Mueller
Michele Natale
Larry Neilsen
Elaine O'Neill
Bob Palmatier
Laurie Paolicelli
Lee Pavao
Ronan Peterson
Sandi Prentis


Elizabeth Pringle
Emily Mills Reed
John Shelton Reed
Jeannine Reese
Bill Reh
Lance Richardson
Sybil Rockwell
Becky Robinson
Stefano Roselli (for Vietri)
Lynda Rubenstein
Eve Ruff
Hank Ruff
Katrina Ryan
Miriam Sagasti
Brian Schrader
Bill Smith
Pat Spencer
Emily Sternbach
Olympia Stone
Ron Stutts
Alessandro Taddei (for Vietri)
Lauren Talley
Josh Taylor
Holden Thorp
Barbara Tyroler
Tina Vaughn
Dot Wilbur-Brooks
Eleanor Wiles
Donald Wood
John Woodard
Stephen Wright
Omar Zinn
Paige Zinn
Parker Zinn

Caricatures of Butch Davis, Anson Dorrance, Woody Durham, Sylvia Hatchell, Rameses the Ram, Roy Williams, and Dean Smith. All of these will be signed by the people drawn and available as part of the auction.


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523 East Franklin St., Chapel Hill, NC 27514