Past Events: Art from the Heart 2008-2009

through February 5th, 2009

You can bid on over 80 art works created by local artists, sports figures, political leaders, and other well-known locals.
Choose your favorites, then bid by phone at (919) 929-7467 or come to our gala auction event to place your bids.
Proceeds benefit the museum and Kidzu.   More about the auction and bidding

Click to view galleries


We have divided our artists into five galleries -- click at left -- alphabetically by last name (the Carolina Panthers are under 'C'). There is also a gallery with all 80+ works, and a sports gallery.

Gallery A: Dick Baddour, Lynda Baddour, Susan Gravely & Michael Barefoot, Michael Brown, Alison Cable, Dan Cable, Christen Cambell, Linda Carmel, Carolina Panthers, Catharine Carter, Rachael Childres, Anne Clark, John Clark, Rebecca Clark, Lynne Clarke, Gilles & Betty Cloutier, Emilano Corral

Gallery B: Mildred Council, Brian Curran, Butch Davis, Ernest Dollar, Anson Dorrance, Woody Durham, Tommy Edwards, Doug Eyre, Bill Friday, Ida Friday, Roland Giduz, Johnnie Gins, Susan Green, Chloe Greene, Eve Ruff, Dabney Grinnan, Bill Guthridge, Sylvia Hatchell, Susanna Reed Hester

Gallery C: Cam Hill, Tama Hochbaum, Bitty Holton, John Howes, Paul Hrusovsky, Anne Wood Humphries, Antawn Jamison, Anne Johnson, Dan Jones, Alexander Julian, Emil & Emma Kang, Haig Khachatoorian, Nerys Levy, David Lindquist, Scott Maitland, JoAnna McConnell, Dana McMahan, Beth Miller

Gallery D: Steven R. Miller, Maxine Mills, Mike Mills, Eric Montross, Mary Moore, Eric Munson, Aaron Nelson, Elaine O'Neil, Laurie Paolicelli, Lee Pavao, Sandi Prentis, Betsy Pringle, Emily Mills Reed, John Shelton & Dale V. Reed, Lance Richardson

Gallery E: Becky Robinson, Lynda Rubenstein, Katrina Ryan, Bill Smith, David Smith, Dean Smith, Patrick Spencer, Posy Stone, Josh Taylor, Dot Wilbur-Brooks, Roy Williams, Stephen Wright, Paige & Parker Zinn

We also have a sports gallery to highlight works by people known for sports in the area. Their work is in the main galleries also.

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523 East Franklin St., Chapel Hill, NC 27514